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termites - ants - spiders - bed bugs - cockroaches - feral cats - possums - bees - wasps -fleas - ticks - silverfish - millepedes


Domestic - Commercial - Industrial

A family owned and operated pest management company. Leading the way in treatment techniques and providing ecology consious solutions to western australia's unique pest problems.

non toxic treatments
non toxic treatments
non toxic treatments

Termite inspections and pre-purchase timber pest inspections for all types of buildings.

Commercial buildings for cockroaches, termites, rodents, ants ,bed bugs and spiders.


Termite treatments for domestic commercial and industrial sites. Termite baiting, termite colony elimination, Termite identification, Termite barrier systems, Termite reticulation.

non toxic treatments


- Residential - Home - House - Unit

All your general pest & termite needs for the home, garden, sheds and property.

non toxic treatments

Chemical Free Options -Eco Friendly - Enviromentally Safe - Poison Free - available

Inspections and Treatments for: 

Termites & termite treatments-.Coptotermes acinaciformis - Schedorhinotermes intermedius - Nasutitermes exitiosus - Mastotermes darwiniensis -Heterotermes ferox - termites perth - termite treatments perth

Rodents - Rats - Mice

Possum Removal and Bird Proofing

Pigeon Control

Ants - Black Ants - Coastal Brown Ants - Singapore Ants - Bull Ants - Meat Ants 

Cocroaches - German Cockroaches - American Cockroaches - Bush Cockroaches - Brown Band Cockroaches - Oriental Cockroaches

Bed Bugs - Chemical free options available

Spiders- Redback Spiders - Whitetail Spider - Huntsman Spider - Daddy Long Legs Spider - House Spiders


Ticks - Spinifex Tick - Kangaroo Tick

Lawn Beetles - African Black Beetle

Millepedes - Portuguese Millipedes - Spanish Millipedes

Moths - Cupboard Moth

Weevils - Rice Weevil - Flour Weevil

Wood Borers



Feral Cats

Snake Removal 

non toxic treatments

termites perth | termite treatments perth | termite inspections| cockroaches | german cockroaches | mice | rats | mosquitoes | snakes | ants | coastal brown ants | fleas | end of lease treatments | inspections & advice | free quotes 

Contact us now for professional pest management, a free quote or advise.

non toxic treatments

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