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termites in perth | ecopest wa | 0488661327

Termites in Perth | Ecopest WA | 0488661327

Ecopest WA is leading the way in pest management techniques.

Offering traditional and poison free eco friendly pest control options for private, commercial and industrial sites. We are here to help!


Experts in modern termite treatments and prevention.


Servicing all area's of Perth.


Call Bernie on 0488 661 327 for expert advice and a free quote.

Don't let unwanted pests effect your lifestyle or your health.

Bernard Davey

EcoPest WA

Business Licence: 2023

ABN: 33116231544


Termites in Perth | Ecopest WA | 0488661327

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Termites in Perth | Ecopest WA | 0488661327

Poison Free Termite Treatments !!!

Termites in Perth

Ecopest WA is now offering poison free termite treatments that can protect your property from termite attack without the use of toxic chemicals.


Termites do millions of dollars in damage to perth property every year but that doesn't mean you need to risk the safety of your family.


Ecopest WA offers the latest techniques in termite colony elimination.

pest control perth

Why choose Ecopest WA?


Q.How do i know i'm getting a qualified pest management technician?

By choosing Ecopest WA you are enlisting the help of one of the countries best pest management specialists. Bernie has handled everything from everyday homes, shopping centres, churches, sporting complex's, restaurants, cafe's to large minning sites. He was the Senior Pest Manager on the Billion Dollar Pluto LNG Project responsible for quarantine and weed management. With over 9 years experience and 6 of those in the termite infested North West, Bernie and the team at Ecopest WA give you the unique oppurtunity to get the best service in the business at very affordable rates.


Q. Do i need to leave my house?

No you won't need to leave your house. We only use the most advanced treatments and everything is done to minimise the disturbance to the client. We do ask that pets and children remain inside during the treatment. In fact we are now offering treatments for Bedbugs, Mosquitoes and Termites without the use of harmful pesticedes!!!


Q.Is it safe for my kids, pets and plants?

Absolutely, all Safety Data Sheets can be obtained from our supplier globe australia.


Q.How do i know it's going to work?

All our work is gauranteed and we are fully insured.  Termite treatments come with a 5 year service warranty.Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Termites in Perth | Ecopest WA | 0488661327

Bernie with a massive termite mound 30kms out from Onslow in the Pilbara. 

Termites in Perth | Ecopest WA | 0488661327

The Woodside Pluto LNG plant where Bernie was responsible for quarantine and pest management from 2009-2012

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Termites in Perth

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